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Theme #25 - Fixed grayscale posts and photoset width in the permalink page.

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Hi, I’m back!

I’m going to release two themes today. Any glitch you notice with these two themes. You can send me an ask at (please don’t ask as anon bc I’m going to reply privately)

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Sorry, college is taking all my time.

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na-mida: Hey there! I really really love all of your themes and I'm using them for both of my blogs ^^ But I was wondering if you could create another link page or if you could only have two? (If you don't get what I mean, I'm talking about the menu that says: INDEX, MESSAGE, LINK 1, LINK 2, THEME) I would like a third link page, but I'm not good with codes and all, and I just wanted to know if I could even have a third page. Thanks, and please keep making themes! ^^

please, read the FAQ.

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Anonymous: Hello <3 i'm using you latest theme #24 and the favicon is not showing :( can you help me pleas?

try updating your codes.

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vsuka-deactivated20140116: Make more themes, cause i love them.

I need free time /cries/ T_T. Thanks sweetie~ 

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brag-all-u-want: Hello ^^ can you help me?? I'm currently using your theme 15 but the greyscale posts don't work in my post :( I love your themes BTW <3

I’m aware that the greyscale is not working properly. But I have yet to fix the greyscale feature.